Born in 1944, in Giza, Egypt. He obtained his PhD in philosophy at ‘Ein Shams University, Cairo'. Afterwards, he pursued training at the Art Academy in Giza. In 1974, he went to Paris to study film academy. Due to troubles in Paris, and the closing of the Edic Institute of Cinematography and its unpredictable reopening, he left for Holland. In the Netherlands he pursued training at a professional photography school in Apeldoorn, and worked as a photographer. In 1999, he completed his certification in intercultural psychology at ‘Open University', NL. In 2001, he completed his certification in social psychology also at ‘Open University’. For health reasons, he could no longer continue his work, thus began drawing and painting. Ibrahim developed his own technique, ‘wood fire technique’, sketching on wood, then burning along sketched areas. He worked also with ceramics and bronze. Nowadays, he concentrates on stone sculpturing. Art is a non-verbal communication between the material, the artist, and the public,” said Ibrahim.

In the four month summer holiday, as children we played in the sand around the pyramids. I could not forget that enormous stone built with hands and primitive tools, the Sphinx, and the enormous relief construction of the pyramids, both wonders and astonishments in my eyes. At that moment I had dreamt of accomplishing something similar with stones. At that young age my love for stones and the nature structure of large and small stones was born. On my tenth birthday, I received the astonishing gift, a camera!!!

The Second love was born, photography. There was no competition between my two loves, stone sculptures and photography, the complementary function between both ran hand in hand. I had small portable stones which I collected, while my camera allowed me to also have collections of photographs of larger heavier stones. The attraction of other materials also lived within me, such as wood, ceramics, bronze, drawing, and painting. We are all artists of nature: our taste in our clothes, food, interior design, and the street arrangement, etc. There is art in every moment of life. God is the largest artist, the creation of the universe is the biggest art. Art is the main line that runs from the beginning to the end of time. Through all the centuries and all the cultures, art has been the main important source of our knowledge of evolution and history of mankind.

Life and art, its twin, cannot be separated. One cannot exist without the other, Life is art, and art is life.

Ibrahim Faiek.